"Prisma Circus"

by Prisma Circus

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Undergroundhero Prisma Circus are a spacy blues influenced psychedelic rock band from Spain. This is their first self titled EP on vinyl from 2012. This EP has been getting quite a few rave reviews since last year, and is excellent. Guitarist, Oscar García Albizu, most certainly knows his guitar trade well, playing memorable riffs & solos.

Prisma Circus first effort is one of the best physical format EP releases of 2012. Be sure to look out for Prisma Circus' first full length album in 2014!

-Undergroundhero Favorite track: The Great Car.


Prisma Circus son un trío catalán claramente inspirados por el Rock psicodélico de los años 60 y 70 y nos presentan su Ep debut! Nos muestan las letras de sus cuentos e historias y la voz funcionan como catalizadores que introducen al oyente en un viaje a través de la instrumentación musical: riffs cañeros, baterías ruidosas, lineas de bajo "blueseras", solos de guitarra repletos de wah-wah y fuzz, todo ello empapado de psicodelia.

Para fans de bandas como Radio Moscow, Graveyard, Blues Pills, The Doors, Blue Cheer...

Edición vinilo de 12'


Álex Carmona Blanco: Batería / percusión
Joaquín Escudero Arce: Bajo / Vvz y guitarra acústica
Oscar García Albizu: Guitarras (The Great Car, Paradox)
Jordi Gallego Rodríguez: Guitarras (The Great Car, The Light)
Aureli Rubio Panadés: Guitarras (The Great Car, The Light)

Letras de canciones por Joaquín Escudero

Música por Álex Carmona Blanco / Joaquín Escudero Arce.

Ingeniero, mezclas y masterización por Joaquín Escudero Arce.

La cubierta del álbum y el diseño de artwork por Xavier Jalón.

Producido y compuesto por Prisma Circus.


released June 26, 2012

E-mail: prismacircus@gmail.com
Bandcamp: prismacircus.bandcamp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/prismacircus/




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Santa Eugenia de Ribeira, A Coruña - Galicia (ESPAÑA).

Diciembre 2009

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Track Name: The Great Car
I said that I love you
I said that I need you, babe
I said maybe we'll marry
but I don't really care

Because I've got a great car, you know
you're nothing to me.
When I'll get bored of you, darling
I will have sex with somebody else

I don't care my newborn baby,
I don't care if my father dies alone.
Perhaps you could see me crying,
but I'm just playing a role...

And If I wish I could destroy the rainbow
only using my mobile phone...
Someone gave me unlimitated credit, }
and I can buy all the love I need...
Track Name: Paradox
the sky is full of new stars
how many of them can you see?
when I was a child my mother told me
a UFO broght me here

I want to fly trought the space
I need to come back home

working in a new spaceship
it'll be able to get the lightspeed
I'm hurry, because a new war's coming
the humans will destroy themselves

another H-bomb is going to explote
and I'll be sor far away from here

I'm finally in my planet
everything is perfect here
I'm already in my city
everything 's so boring yes

I don't really like this bullshit
I miss you stupid man
Track Name: The Light
some body wants to meet you
the dark princess' waiting for you
and you're gonna make love to her

the crow is singing in your head
and alone is too much to be
surrounded by the lava
c'mon dance with me

she's gonna bring you towards the sun
and you will feel alive
dead stars imploding in the sky...

they said I must be blind
because I see the stars
you say I didn't see you...

and I know I did'nt listen to you
need to believe to hear
posion is my girlfriend
and I love how she plays

she can see the light
everybody wants her eyes
can you see the light?
she'll show you the light